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Race Procedures

The beginning of each race night every driver must be signed in at the legends trailer at least 1 1/2 hour before race start time, failure to do so will result in driver going to the back of the 2nd heat in the first set of heats. If a driver misses the first set of heats he or she will start in the back of the 4th heat.

Drivers Meeting will be 45min before the start of the race night. Example if Races start at 6pm then drivers meeting will be at 5:15pm. If you are not at the drivers meeting on time you will start at the back of both of your heat races. Heat line ups will be posted before the start of the drivers meeting.

Heat line ups are determined by a number pull at the time of signing in. Feature line up is calculated from drivers heats, we then line up the drivers from highest points to the lowest. If drivers tie in the heat points, then the driver who pulled the lowest number in the sign in pull will get the higher position. We will then pull an inversion pill to determine starting order. The previous event feature winner will start no better than 6th. The pull of the pill will be done at the end of the last heat race and can be viewed by any driver.

After the original start of our feature race. If a caution flag is thrown the field will line up in single file formation to be sorted into proper position. Once the proper order has been set the race director will give the command to choose. There will be a cone or object on the track and you will either go below or above to choose your lane. Once this is complete you will be given the white flag and the race will restart.

Tech will be completed in all different various ways. Could be before, during or after any events.  We highly recommend that you make sure your car meets all the INEX rules as we will NOT allow even the smallest infraction pass through tech.